FRC Season Pins

I missed out on a Steamworks pin in 2017 and I’ve been searching desperately trying to find one. Do any mentors out there have extra pins? I have a stack of Stronghold pins left over so I’m hoping someone is in the same boat here. It just sucks missing one of the pins. Email me for further discussion

Seth Stobart
OZone Robotics
Team 4611


Jumping on this thread, too.

Have 20+ of each of these:

  • Power Up
  • Recycle Rush
  • Aerial Assist

Need 1 of:

  • Logomotion

Hi Seth, I happen to have an extra Steamworks pin that I would be happy to send you. I’ll email you for contact details.

Interested in a recycle rush pin! Sorry, Logomotion was before my time. Sending PM.

Also, a previous thread on the subject: I still have a few Stronghold pins.

Does anyone have an FTC Cascade Effect pin? I lost mine and really want to show off my first year of FIRST.

This thread keeps moving to the active part of my feed and I keep wanting to click it thinking I’m going to see something about driving…


( I know this is from last year but I thought that I’d still ask) Do you by chance still have any Recycle Rush pins?

Yeah, how many do you need?

Just one!

I’d love an RR as well as an Aerial Assist pin!

Do you still have any Recycle Rush pins?

Any chance you have any of the Stronghold pins left ? Lost one and thats the missing piece for each year I was in.

Did all of the teams get pins for Deep Space? How would I be able to get this year’s pin?

@FalseLogic Game pins come in the Kit of Parts. Maybe ask your head mentor. If not, you should be able to ask around and get your hands on one.

Im also in search of pre-2013 Pins!
I don’t think I have any I can give in return.
But I am willing to buy them/pay shipping if anyone has any pre-2013 pins.

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Hey, I know its been almost a year, but I was wondering if you had any recycle rush pins left. I am looking for 3 if you have one for me and 2 of my team’s mentors would like one as well.

I think we(my team) have a couple, I’ll see if I can ship them out to you guys. I’m not sure tho. Do you have any pre 2014 game pins?

I have 2 2013 pins and a 2014 pin if you don’t have those

I’ll trade a 2013 for the 3 recycle rush.

ok do you want to dm me so we can exchange addresses. It won’t let me do that because I am a new member. Also do you just want one?