FRC Season Pins

Anyone have a 2012 or 2013 pin they would be willing to part with?

I guess I’m now looking for a 2012 now

If anyone is looking for a Deep Space pin, I believe there are one or two extra from our team’s KoP :slight_smile:

2019, 2017, and 2013 pins are still available from FIRST.

Kinda related, but does anyone have any steam works or power up patches? Similar to the deep space patch this year. I asked FIRST if they still sell them, but they will only make them in orders of 50 minimum.

I know it’s been awhile, but do you still have any Stronghold pins left?

I do. What can you trade?


I have a 2019 pin, but I don’t know if you’re interested.


Pm me ur address its fine I don’t want anything. I think we have like 10

I’m looking for a Deep Space pin actually. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you can pay for shipping, it’s all yours :smiley:

Have A BUNCH of Deep Space pins! If interested DM me

I can pay for shipping.

To anyone who is interested:
I have 2014 (LogoMotion), 2015 (Recycle Rush), and 2019 (Destination: Deep Space).

I lost the bag to 2018 (Powerup!), 2017 (Steamworks), and 2016 (Stronghold). If anyone wants the pins I listed above hmu.

Not sure if you meant meant 2014 (Aerial Assist) or 2011 (Logomotion) But I’d be interested in either one of those please!

2011! Sorry, its been a long day. Thanks for catching me on that!

Yeah sure. I’m planning a big release of my team’s merch and pins so I’ll see when. I have a busy week and weekend coming up but ill try to pack that pin up when I can!

Okay, let me know once you get things sorted out. Definitely still interested in the 2011 pin

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Can I get a 2011 game pin please! Im interested in it!

Sure! I’ll make a whole stack of them and distribute them. I wont be around this weekend but ill try to send it out when I can.

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I’m looking for a Deep Space pin