FRC Skills Competition Rule Clarification on Field Size

In the manual, it states that the field is recommended to be 15 ft by 30 ft but does that mean it can be bigger? We created a 15 by 30 ft marked out area but are wondering if you are able to go partly out of the marked area or you need to stay inside of it for all of the skills challenges for the at home challenges.

The Q&A is your friend:

Q&A 63 clarifies the ability to go outside the 30x15 area. Note that Q&A 117 clarifies the width of the space that can be used for certain actions during a challenge. In particular, for the Power Port Challenge, the zone widths are 15 ft. You can go outside those zones when driving, for example, based on Q&A 63, but you can’t shoot or reload from widths outside the specified zone width as clarified by Q&A 117.

Thank you!

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