FRC slang? Help a newbie!


Being relatively new to both FRC and ChiefDelphi, it’s become evident there’s a lot of FRC-specific slang. Could you guys help fill me in?



Its PLAYOFFS, not elims.



The big one that confuses ‘most anybody is “cheesecake”. Generally, it’s a prebuilt mechanism, often brought in as part of a team’s 30lbs withholding allowance, that they intend to attach to an elimination alliance partner to improve their partner’s robot.



ANY spherical game piece is known as ball. 2019- Cargo, 2017-Fuel, 2016-Boulder, etc. It will at some point be known as ball. More than likely, your team would probably have a few slangs too.

Listed below are simply what i’ve heard. It does not mean this is all there is. (some may not be slang but i hope they’re helpful)

-Auto/Auton- “Autonomous” mode of the match.
-Tele/Teleop/Match play- The “Teleoperated” part of the match.
-Climb- Any thing involved with the robot having to be off a certain height to score points.
-4/6/8WD- Referring to number of wheels the drivetrain has.
-VSC- Visual Studio Code, a program that you write robot code in.
-Robot Brain- The roboRio, a grey piece of electronic that costs $435 that is essential to your robot in order for it to run.
-Enable/Disable- Turn on robot and turn off robot.
-Q__- Qualification match number ___
-QF- Quarter Finals
-SF- Semi Finals
-Victory Spins- inspired by 148 at Houston World Championships 2018 on Einstein Field SF Match 14



And sandstorm is still called auto.



wcd = west coast drive: a 6 wheel drive system where the wheels are mounted to the outside of tube stock
rolley intake: manipulator to pick up a game piece which involves a wide horizontal roller
rubber match: the 3rd match in a best 2 out of 3 tournament where each team has one win so far
CBY = climb by yeet (this year specifically): when the robot just drives really fast onto Hab Level 2 without a designated climbing mechanism



Mentor bacon (n.) something that most of us want but don’t get unless it is build season and the team parents bless you



For the record, I say elims. :stuck_out_tongue:

CPR = cycles per rotation, PPR = pulses per rotation (the number of counts you get per rotation) for an encoder. PPR = 4x CPR
Encoder = thing that tracks the rotation of a shaft
WCP = West Coast Products, a company that sells things
Vex = VexPro, a company that sells things
AM = Andymark, a company that sells things



For the record, how about “Nationals”? :stuck_out_tongue:



They asked about slang though, so elims = playoffs.

Here are a few more acronyms:
TBA = The Blue Alliance as in
DCMP = District Championship

Different types of drivetrains are fun when you get outside of the main ones (tank, swerve, mecanum).

Also the word “gracious” can mean whatever you want it to mean.



RSL - Robot Safety Light (that thing that flashes orange)
Bypass - When the field decides to start the match without you (your code might be crashing, you might have not shown or, or for other reasons…)
Unicorn Match - A match with 4RP earned by an alliance
Nationals - Worlds before there were many international teams. People still using this term were probably on a team back when worlds was at Epcot, probably haven’t been to worlds since then, or don’t care enough about international teams / are too US-centric to use the appropriate word.



I say “Champs” because “Worlds” sounds awkward to me.



FIRST stands for For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology
WAGO simply means ports on the PDP (Power Distribution Panel), PCM (Pnuematic Control Module), CAN (Simply the wire that is green/yellow that connects to the roborio, PDP, PCM and motor controllers) and VRM (Voltage Regulator Module) where there are little bitty holes, those are WAGOs. There’s some more of electrical You’re in for a lot of slang.



Weidmullers are the little push-down wire ports on the VRM, PCM, etc.



I have to agree with you on that one. However, there are two “champion” alliances… :frowning:



My team has something called “purse meat”- beef jerky that the mentors carry around in their purses in case people need a quick snack



My colleagues call that “meat candy”



Andersons are the battery connector terminals that clip together (mostly!) securely and allow for quick changes of batteries.



Elevator mechanism is like a mechanism on a forklift which lots of bots use, either to lift cargo or hatches or both, the other most popular lift mechanism is an articulated arm, or an arm with a joint, although there are several other varieties also.

Intake= the thing on the bot that obtains the cargo and / or hatches.

Floor pickup is a mechanism to retrieve hatches from the floor that were dropped, meant to provide a team an advantage if they or an alliance partner drop a hatch, allowing them to fix the error without having to go grab a new upright one from the human player station. Not very many teams have a floor pickup this season.

HP = The person supplying the game objects is called the HP or human player.

RP = ranking points, which are points earned during qualifying that determine which bots will “seed” highest for picking “elim” alliance partners. RPs do not exist during elimination matches.

Past years floor pickup also may have meant balls but this year’s game is near-impossible to succeed at without ball (aka cargo) floor pickup so its generally referring to hatches this season.



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