frc/smartdashboard/SendableBase.h (2022) and Ctre/Phoenix.h (v5.19.4.1 latest) compatibility issue

Dear whom may be concerned,

I met a problem and wanted to get some help:
From FRC WPILIP 2022, SendableBase Class will no longer exist. However, this caused the following build failure when I used FRC WPILIP 2022Beta4 with Ctre/Phoenix.h (v5.19.4.1):

> Task :compileFrcUserProgramDebugExecutableFrcUserProgramCpp FAILED
In file included from C:\Users\Dell.gradle\caches\transforms-3\8e220e5cb7258b85633a1fca50491475\transformed\wpiapi-cpp-5.19.4-headers/ctre/phoenix/motorcontrol/can/WPI_TalonFX.h:14:0,
from C:\Users\Dell.gradle\caches\transforms-3\12b28b5c506406401e249c5e114080fe\transformed\api-cpp-5.19.4-headers/ctre/Phoenix.h:40,
C:\Users\Dell.gradle\caches\transforms-3\8e220e5cb7258b85633a1fca50491475\transformed\wpiapi-cpp-5.19.4-headers/ctre/phoenix/motorcontrol/can/WPI_BaseMotorController.h:24:10: fatal error: frc/smartdashboard/SendableBase.h: No such file or directory
#include “frc/smartdashboard/SendableBase.h”
compilation terminated.


  1. Ctre/Phoenix.h (v5.19.4.1) is the latest release from CrossTheRoadElec so far.
  2. I haven’t installled any older FRC WPILIP (but only FRC WPILIP 2022Beta4) on one of my laptops.

Since I’m pretty new for FRC, I’m wondering how this compatible issue ususally could be fixed?

Here are my thoughts, but please shed some lights on them:

  1. Waiting for CrossTheRoadElec to release new CTRE Phoenix Framework Installer in the 1st week of January 2022? But their github release webpage hasn’t been updated since Jan 08, 2021.
  2. Go back to use an older FRC VS Code with WPILIP environment (e.g. 2020/2021) in 2022 FRC building season?

All in all, I hoped this compatible issue had been identified and communicated between FRC WPILIB team and CrossTheRoadElec/Phoenix-Release team.


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CTRE has beta releases that are compatible with 2022 wpilib for beta teams on the beta site.

With the level of changes this year, all vendors will need to release new versions, and most have beta versions already released for testing with the beta.

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Thanks Thad - it looks like CTRE’s beta releases are not available for public at github. So I will wait for their formal 2022 release in the coming week(s).

If you don’t want to wait, you can install the CTRE beta as a vendor dependency using the following URL:

You’d also need the 2022 image if you wanted to run on a roborio

Thanks - I’m just doing some preparation but have no need to run a roborio now.

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