FRC Software

Good Morning. Hope someone can help us out as soon as possible. The problem that we are running into right now is that we are unable to download the FRC software for use. We have not seen our Serial Number for a long time, and we were wondering if a new one is sent out every single year. Also, the 20 character activation code that is sent out expired Jan 2016, so we do not know any other ways to download the software. If there is another way, please notify us so we can finish downloading the software

You should get a new serial number each year. It is printed on the barcode sticker of the LabVIEW CD folder thingy. Each year we get a 1-year license, so this one should be good until January 2017

Thank you for your prompt response. However, we do not have one with a license so that it expires Jan 2017. Is there any way for us to procure one as soon as possible

Send a PM to Greg McKaskle (an NI rep here on CD) describing your problem and he can direct you.

What language do you want to use?

What software installation packages have you download and the links to them, so we can be sure you have everything you need and the latest versions except for the license.