FRC: Spark Max Burn Out

Hey! Thank you for clicking on this. We just tried turning our robot on for the first time. We opened and used three brand new spark MAXes but they stopped blinking out of nowhere. They also don’t show up on rev client or CAN and the leds don’t turn on but a srx mag encoder plugged into it still lights up

Thank you a lot in advance!

Welcome! I suggest you

  1. take some photos of all your wiring that could contribute to the problem
  2. email them to Rev customer support. I promise they are faster and know their products better than us all here

Did you try to turn on your entire robots wiring all at once?
A common troubleshooting procedure is to wire and power up your subcomponents one at a time. That way when something weird starts happening, you know that it’s probably related to the single part just added, rather than needing to consider the entire thing at once.


Did you configure each controller before connecting it to it’s motor? The Rev Client can be used to do this with a laptop, using the provided USB cable. You can set them for brush or brushless modes, set brake/coast, set the current limit, CAN address, and many other things.

you may also need to configure the alternate encoder mode.

More specifically, you cannot directly plug in a srx mag encoder into the Spark Max.

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Yup, photo got added, looks like a direct line from the encoder to the Rev port.

OP, the CTRE encoder and REV controller products use slightly different pin outs on the same connector. I know, it’s confusing :grimacing: the details are in each product manual.

hey just out of curiosity, could it be a possibility that the encoder sensors have a correlation to the spark can ID not working?

You also cannot do absolute control locally on the Spark MAX with an external encoder. So regardless you would want to run that encoder back to the Rio.

I suspect that they are separate issues, with the only unifying theme being a reluctance to read the product manual. Have you connected to each individual spark Max (via USB) and set unique CAN IDs? If the process described in the manual isn’t working, Rev can probably help.

(You don’t need to take them out of the robot wiring to power them individually, just turn the robot off, pull fuses out of the distribution board appropriately, and power back on before connecting over USB.)

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