FRC SparkMax Motor Problems/Solution

My name is Anthony, programmer from Team 453. We were trying to test our robot’s motors and motor controllers but the motors were running slowly even at full speed, and acting very jittery and sporadically. After swapping motors and controllers, modifying code, changing firmware and doing everything we could think of, we eventually found the solution. It turns out that going on the REV SparkMax client and setting the mode to “Brake” was fine before, it is now a problem. By simply changing the slider to “Coast” causes it to run perfectly fine. I noticed that other teams were having similar problems, so hopefully trying the same method helps.

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So if you have to switch to coast to fix the issue then is there anything you guys are doing in the code to make the wheels brake so that you don’t lose that functionality?

There haven’t been any changes to Brake/Coast behavior in the firmware updates, so I suspect something else is happening. Could you send some more information:

  • When the controller was exhibiting the slow and jittery behavior, what was the Status LED indicating?
  • What control interface are you using, PWM or CAN?
  • If CAN, do you see this behavior at all time or only when CAN and USB are connected at the same time?
  • What firmware version, API version, and Client version are you running? Please go in and confirm the actual version numbers.

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