FRC Spyder 2013

Judging by the downloads so far, many of you have already discovered that FRC Spyder has been updated for the 2013 season for iOS and Android devices. For those who have used it in the past, make sure to download the latest update for your device to get support for 2013. For those who have not used it before, FRC Spyder makes it easy to keep track of match results and rankings for FRC events.

In addition, the app allows you to subscribe to your favorite teams to receive nearly instant score alerts using push notifications. Just find your desired teams in the team list and use the menu button followed by “Receive Live Updates” on iOS or by holding down on the team and selecting “Add score notices” on Android. This feature is especially handy for family and friends to follow along with your team’s progress if they can’t attend your event in person.

Download FRC Spyder for Android from the Google Play Store and for iOS from the iOS App Store. We hope you enjoy using it!

Thanks again for providing one of the most useful apps during the competition season. It has been incredibly useful in years past and I expect it to be that way again this year!

This is my first FRC season with a smartphone, and I was always disappointed to not be able to use this app. Awesome app. Thank you for dedicating your time to this app

And I think issues with how the app displays on a tablet was brought up in an previous topic, but I’m on my Nexus 7 right now and it looks perfect. I’m excited to use this.

I didn’t actually fix anything for the Nexus 7 layout. I re-read the post mentioning the layout problem last week, tested it on my wife’s Nexus 7, and it worked fine for me. If you see anything that doesn’t look right, let me know.

No love for the iPhone 5 :frowning:

I’m still having the same exact issue I posted about previously. Not sure why this Nexus 7 in particular is having the layout problem, but it is…

Why did you feel the need to share that particular preference with us? It’s not like Dave is ignoring other devices.

I seem to be getting funny matches on mine where i get the same team twice on one alliance.

Edit: sorry… Iphone 5, downloaded the app today.

Indeed, I just noticed that myself. Unfortunately it’s in the iOS app code, not on the server, so fixing it will require another trip through the App Store review process (which means you won’t see a fix this weekend since reviews typically take about a week). Sorry everyone :frowning: That’s what I get for trying to rush out an update for 2013.

I’m seeing the same behavior on my iPhone as Don. Comparing match results with FIRST’s page for the regionals, the scores are correct. However, using BAE’s Q1 as an example:

R: 1973 1519 1519 S: 33
B: 1512 78 95 S: 67

FIRST’s page:
R: 1973 1519 1922 S: 33
B: 1512 78 95 S: 67

So, the scores are correct, but every red alliance for every regional has the same issue in the match results - the second team is also listed as the third team.

I’m getting ads that block the bottom few buttons. Is this intentional?

Still waiting for the BlackBerry 10 version to come out…

I think you’ll have hair (might be gray in color) by the time that happens :rolleyes:

People in Canada still use BlackBerries? I thought you guys were supposed to be progressive.

Still waiting for a reason to develop software for a phone that only you, Paul, and maybe 8 other people have…

Didn’t Spyder used to give you a message when one of your “Favorite” teams posted a score?

Also, (sorry if I’m way off base for feature requests) it would be cool if you view an event, and then look at the teams…and then you see a team you want to follow to click them to see their match schedule and then be able to press the “Menu” button and have the option to “Add To Favorites”…

Sorry if this has been requested before or discussed…

You have to set them for scoring notifications instead of just “favorite”.

In favorites, you can select for notifications as well. Hold down on the team, and it will ask if you want score notifications.

If you’re on an iOS device, find the team you’re interested in from Teams in the main menu, tap on the team, then tap on the Menu button and choose “Receive Live Updates”.

Agreed. I was already planning to add this to the next version.