FRC Spyder for 2012


FRC Spyder has the option for manual event updates. Is there a way to set it up for automatic, continual, updates (with a user provided periodicity)?


If you use the widget, you can set the app to auto update up to every 15 minutes.

I’ve found a bug. The teams listed for the Seattle regionals no not match the team list on and it has been like this for at least a week. Either the app isn’t updating correctly or it is using a bad source.

Also, push notifications haven’t been working for me at all this year.


Just wanted to throw some kudos on the pile. I love this app at competition and watching from afar. At every event, I have a parent come up to me and ask me if I have seen this FRC Spyder thing. I find this really cool as these are parents I usually only see at events which means they are getting so excited, they want to follow other events as well (and you guys are making it accessible).


Count me as a fan too. This is MUCH better than being camped out around the pit screen waiting to see our number.

Just curious, is it possible for FRC Spyder to work at off-season events? This would be an even bigger asset for events where the pit display is small/far/non-existent.


Working on the field at the VA regional, teams asked me what their station was. This handy little app allowed me to send the wayward drivers to their right station. VERY handy. If there is a way to donate to this app, I am greatly inclined to do so.:wink:


They have been working fine for me and based on the server statistics, a bunch of other people too. I didn’t even know 217 was competing last weekend until I got a score notification while sitting at my desk.


Why does FRC Spyder show 402 teams going to the championship and it shows 4 divisions of 100 teams each?


Is there any chance you can build in support for Android tablets? It’s a small market, but I would love you forever.


I second this notion. :smiley:


Are you saying it doesn’t work on tablets or are you asking for a tablet optimized version? If it’s the former, let me know what the problem is because it works on my Xoom. If it’s the latter, I’m sorry to say it will be low on my priority list since life has gotten in the way of many “nice to have’s” these days.



Works great on my Xoom, didn’t have an issue this season with FRC Spyder.

Can’t thank you enough for this app, it really gets people engaged. Especially parents in the stands.



I was unable to get it to update on a friends Xoom the week before worlds. It would get half way through and then stop. Still, It’s a great app and I use it all the time. Keep up the good work!


The latter. It’s not a huge issue, but I don’t think it looks like a hard fix either.

I’m on a Nexus 7. Here’s a screenshot: here

I didn’t experience any other problems. Updated just fine. Bracket, Rankings, and Team List all work as advertised.


Well that’s ugly. I’ll get around to fixing it some day.


Spyder 2013?


Hopefully soon :slight_smile:


In time for FLR and other week 1 regionals? I really hope so; using the app is so much better than attempting to follow the ranking monitors.


That’s the plan.


Mike, let me know if you need a beta tester. And, of course, as soon as we can download the released app.

I have a countdown on my home page: 2 days, 18 hours, 30 minutes to FLR…

Can you tell I’m excited?


Thanks for having the app ready before Week 1 Regionals. I updated the night before Finger Lakes Regional, and it worked flawlessly all weekend. Great work!