FRC Starter Slideshow

Hello my name is Roy Weisfeld and I am from #3075 HaDream Team,
I’ve come to the conclusion that most of my team members (Myself included) either lack the knowledge or weren’t introduced in an efficient to the FRC and FIRST in general. This lead me to starting this project which is currently in the works for Israel but I’m planning on expending it into the global scope.
It would be awesome of any of you could supply:
General information about FRC
General information about FIRST
A slideshow that already exist that we could use to add to this slideshow
A brief description of your group and its history (The plan is to have a section that includes a page or two about every group)

I believe this truly could be an amazing project and once done it will be released here so anyone could read and enjoy it and the word about FRC will hopefully spread and attract more students.

Contact Me:

Phone: +972-50-205-1500
Email: [email protected]

Thanks in advance and good luck :blush: