FRC Starting Up - Time to Get Ready

This will be my 5th year participating in the FIRST Competition. Myself and another senior are taking leadership positions in order to pass down our knowledge and set the example for the team in the future. This is a relevant portion of a PowerPoint I plan on showing to prospective members, returning members, and their parents. Any critique would be warmly accepted. (Please refer to the notes, as I refuse to give a presentation by reading what’s on the screen, and as such, the actual slides are only a rough guild line, and what the real information is in the notes for each slide).

Thanks in advance. This file is hosted off my computer, so I’m sorry if download speeds are slow. If prompted for a password, leave it blank.

Download PPT Here

I sugges uploading this to the White Papers here on CD.

I’m a little curious as to why there is no PR team? Where did you get your KOP approximation (yes, I know, I made up that word)? I’m pretty sure that it’s significantly more than that… The Championship is no longer called Nationals, if you put International on your presentation, not only will it impress people more, but it will be the correct terminology. Also, putting “cont’d” or anything similar at the top of a slide is a huge pet peeve of mine. Personally, I think it should just stay the title with more info. That is just personal opinion though. “Robot rides to small children” cracked me up… Overall, a very good and thorough presentation, just a few little things that I would fix if I were making it.

Thanks for your comments guys. I’ll work on getting it uploaded to the whitepages. Cont’d is being eliminated from my PowerPoint vocabulary, and Nationals are becoming Internationals as we speak. I knew CD was a good place to get this checked out.

Once again, thanks.

Oh, and the “robot rides”… that was actually suggested by one of our members. We still don’t know if he was joking or not.

Your post is a little ambigious about the Internationals part, and I hope I don’t misinterpert it. It sounds like you are changing the word Nationals to Internationals. If you talk about ‘the Internationals’, some people might be confused. FIRST refers to the Championships as ‘The Championship Event’. However, ‘the International Championships’ would also be corrent.

If I did misinterpert your post, just ignore me. :wink: