FRC steam group

My team and me decided to start up a steam group so all those gamers out there in robotics could hang out and play together.

We are hoping to put up 4-5 tf2 servers as well as a minecraft svr or 2 and anything else anyone is willing to play

Ok so me among the other Scalawags have been working on putting up a tf2 server.

The first server up is a idling server which might not be to some peoples taste but it also has the backpack, plugin, the pricecheck, and rtd.

After this one is totally finished it is our goal to post up more servers including vsh prop-hunt normal map rotation and a trade server.

Any help is welcome and please keep in mind the server is still in dev mode basically so please bear with us if you notice flaws and please send us messages if you have any problems, suggestions, or concerns.

find server by typing this into map line

achievement_apg_remade9j not using unntil fastdl is set up
for now search this

The server name is First Robotics Gaming.

I love the idea an FRC Steam group!

I have my own TF2 server for those on the west coast. I might be willing to turn it into an FRC server, or set up a second one for that cause.:stuck_out_tongue:

This is a great idea. I’m surprised this hasn’t happened until now!

I do notice that there are tons of steam groups for teams, but I am happy to see one being made for all of FRC.

The groups just for teams is actually what gave us the idea of starting a public one :).

Great idea! I’d be into it

currently i’m working on a normal map rotation.

I’d be in!

Any plans for a CS:S server?

You know, I would love to the only problem is I personally don’t have cs:s, so setting up a server for me becomes difficult, but this is also not just me this is for everyone so if anyone that has a decent internet connection wishes to host go ahead. :slight_smile:

I’d be interested in helping out I can get tekkit servers going and such for minecraft

we are working on Minecraft and Tekkit would be amazing!

(I used to have a decent Minecraft server this last year until it died out.) :frowning:

Does anyone else here play World of Tanks? I think it would be fun to build a clan on there of FIRST people.

Go ahead it can’t hurt to try. :slight_smile:

Also, question is whether anyone plays Mechwarrior Online? Giant stompy robots fighting each other in glorious cryEngine 3!

I’ll give it a try.

Awesome FRC Group! Great idea.

Woo! Nice to see our group getting some attention! This group is growing fast! As somewhat of a richer TF2 player, I may be arranging giveaway raffles at some point. You never know~

FRC Dota2? Anyone? I have invites if anyone wants one.

Can get in on that?