FRC Stronghold team standards

Hey, we were wondering about the dimensions of the support material for the standards. The specifications say that they have to have an outer diameter of 1/2 inch, but I’ve seen other teams use thicker material than that. I cannot find anything in the rule changes saying that the dimensions are different, so I am kind of confused about this. Have the dimensions changed or are the other teams using the incorrect sizes?

The tubes that support the standards are square tubing with a 1/2" inside measurement. Teams that have used larger poles for their standards have had to modify them to fit. If you used 1/2" PVC (or other) pipe, there is an easy fix: just cut off a few inches and add a length of 1/2" dowel or rod and a shaft collar or other means of holding the standard up.

Make sure to get 1/2" tube (O.D) rather than 1/2" pipe which is is an ID size.

We used 1/2" Alluminum Tube, about .0625 Wall. Used a file in the lathe to slightly reduce the OD of the bottom few inches and put a chamber on the tip to make it easy to install. Quick hit with Scott Brite pad to shine it up.