FRC Student Journalism Contest for Metro Detroit Area Competitions

In order to support student journalism and also help teams get used to using FRC zero we are going to offer up some article writing challenges with swag packs as prizes. All of the articles that follow the rules will get published online with credit to the authoring team and students.

I am currently only offering this at some FIM events or events I can get people to help me coordinate giving the prizes out or judging the articles and knowing what happened. If you are interested in helping expand this out to other events please let me know or DM me!

I added pages for the Troy, Macomb, Kettering and Detroit area events since I can probably hand deliver prizes to the winners after the April 4th cut off date for articles. Any feedback is welcome for judging and etc…

2023 challenge Links:

0.3.2 Kettering, MI Article Challenge 2023 :: FRC Zero

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