FRC Student Project - Hydro Haulers for Ethiopia

Akash Thaker will be a Senior this coming year and is leading an incredible venture that began back in 2010. Akash talks about the Build-Test-Learn methodology being applied to the project.

How bout this for a goal for: Our mission centers around one idea – 10^9 in 10. The goal is to change and improve the lives of 1 billion (10^9) people in ten years.

Long story short - Invent a way to haul clean water for women and children in Ethiopia. Hydro Hauler - a wheel that can be filled with water and pulled to the house or village from a water well.

Akash and his team are currently in Ethiopia with the first batch of Hydro Haulers. They are blogging on a daily basis here: Give it a read and pass it along to others.

They also have a Facebook page:

Please read, support and pass along to others. FIRST Robotics in action and he has not graduated from High School yet.