FRC system identifier quasistatic and dynamic tests not running

So we’re using sysid on the wpi tools to get kV, kS, and kA constants in order to run autos through a Ramsete command.

When we fill in all the required fields and clicked “deploy” in the sysid, our robot code is crashing and we’re getting this specific error:

Is anyone else experiencing this in their sysid and have solved the problem?

We are following this article on WPI: System Identification — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation

For what it’s worth, I always need to “Deploy” from within SysId two or three times.
First time around I get the same type of TalonFX config, encoder or related errors.
Deploy again, and then it’s fine.

Tried that, didn’t work.

We’re you able to get it to work?

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