FRC TCG is here

FIRST Team 4525 would like to present to you the FIRST Robotics Competition Trading Card Game (FRC TCG)!

Video release:

The rule book is attached as well!

We have published a deck of cards based around Pokemon - but for FRC and have presented a deck to each of the teams who are competing with us at the Windsor Essex Great Lakes Regional! These teams are featured in the deck, along with some of the friends we have made along the way.

There is also a poster attached with all of this years cards on it!

We are planning on having expansion packs and collectors cards as well.

Stay tuned here and on our website: for any news and updates!

The Official Rule Book- FRC TCG.pdf (524 KB)
Poster.pdf (553 KB)

The Official Rule Book- FRC TCG.pdf (524 KB)
Poster.pdf (553 KB)

I’d thought that something along these lines would be really cool; it’s cool to see someone creating it! Do you plan to do this at Championships?

Epic. You should definitely have a continuous game running at Champs. I also want to buy all the “Chuck” cards and max out the Rainbow Power :slight_smile:

I would buy a set at Champs if you have them available! This is great!

What will be greater? The card wars or the wars for who should be in the deck? :ahh:

On behalf of FRC Team 3181, I’d like to thank you for putting this together. This is awesome! I know we’ll enjoy our deck on the bus ride back to the states!

Oh my gosh! This is really creative and adorable. The robots look great, too. Thanks for making this and sharing this with the community.

I can’t wait to see the expansion packs, and I would love to play this in the future.

Friendly Suggestion: If they haven’t been printed yet (or you plan to do a 2nd spin), I’d rename the “Plowie” card to “Dozer”. Why? That’s his official name; “plowie” is not. Same for the Omni wheel having the picture of a mecanum wheel… I’m nitpicking though, it otherwilse looks awesome.

This is pretty cool. I’d keep a set around, for casual play (like some friends with their munchkin cards).

The poster with the cards is really blurry… Also, do you have the decklists anywhere?

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for your interest and suggestions!

Here are order forms and updates on the cards -

We just wanted to respond to some of the questions/comments:

Card Revisions Made:
Omni-> Mecanum -> check!
DR. Woodie Flowers -> check!
Plowie->Dozer -> way less cute :slight_smile: but, check! (go official or go home, right?)

The teams featured in this year’s edition of the FRC TCG:


Thanks for all of the encouragement and positive feedback! We are both happy & relieved that this project has been this well received by the FIRST community!

If you are interested in ordering your own deck for pick up/delivery at World’s we can now make that happen:

This is really impressive! Designing a card game is extremely difficult and your team has done an amazing job with it. I have some questions about rules of the game that I would like to have clarified, in case people are interested in playing it.

General questions:
-What is your official position on deck size and composition to play this game? 54 cards with 20 Robot cards, 25 Component cards, 4 Item cards, 2 Award cards and 3 Mentor cards? Simply 54 cards? Another number of cards?
-What does the “player must always have 7 cards in their hand” rule mean? Do players redraw to 7 cards only at the end of their turn or at any point in the turn when they do not have 7 cards in hand?
-How many copies of any given robot, item, award, or mentor can be 1) in a deck, and 2) in play at the same time?
-Does a player declare which attack a component is being stacked on as they play the component, or when they resolve their first attack using that component?
-Is there a difference between “gaining” HP and “regenerating” HP? It seems that gaining HP is a different effect from regenerating (e.g. Chuck), which is again different from temporary HP given by Woodie Flowers, etc.
-If an opposing robot would deal damage to one of your robots when you have no robots in play, what happens?
-Can components stacked onto a given attack ever be moved from attack to attack, or from robot to robot?
-When your own effect causes you to “miss a turn”, does your turn end immediately or do you complete your turn and then miss your next turn?
-When cards that are owned (in the physical card sense) by your opponent would be caused enter your discard pile (e.g. a stolen component from Kit-Bot Steroids), where do they go?
-Can components be played on a robot’s attacks that do not require those components, either because they are wrong or would be excess components?

Card specific questions:
-Behemoth, Chuck: what does it mean when a robot needs to do something to “enter back into play”? Is the robot still on the board? Has it retreated? Can a robot that must do something to enter back into play still be the target of attacks? Does it still count towards the limit of 3 robots “in play”?
-Blair: Must an opponent reveal their hand when they discard a component (e.g. to prevent opponents from declaring that they have no components in hand and declining to discard)?
-Emergency stop, Coffee: does this apply to all damage taken by your robots, dealt by your robots, or both?
-Blue Banner, Woodie Flowers: For such temporary HP effects, which player gets to decide which type of HP is dealt damage and at what time is this resolved? E.g. If Robot A (20HP) transfers 30 HP to Robot B (20HP), and Robot B is dealt 10HP damage once over the next 3 turns, how much HP is returned to Robot A? Can the controller of these robots decide where to put damage (temporary HP vs regular HP) or does damage first apply to one kind of HP, or perhaps does the attacker decide where to put damage? Further, if the controller of these robots gets to decide where to put damage, do they declare the target of the damage as it is dealt or when the temporary HP is reverted back from Robot B to Robot A?
Is a robot that has transferred HP this way considered to have “taken damage” for regeneration purposes? If a robot has been transferred HP this way and takes damage to their temporary HP, are they considered to have “taken damage”?
-Entrepreneurship: If a robot retreats and is replayed, do previously applied entrepreneurship awards still affect it?
-Karthik: What defines an opponent’s “strongest” robots?
-Optimus Crime, Leviathan: When you “trade” a component for a discarded card, where does the card for which you “traded” go?
-Maxtech: When are robot defeats resolved? If you reduce a robot to 0HP and then would have to flip a coin to potentially cause it to regain HP, is the robot “defeated” before the flip? Does the flip resolve? If the flip resolves and causes a robot to regain 10HP from 0HP, was the robot ever considered “defeated”?
-Rookie All-star: What are rookie robots?
-Sestematic eliminators, the robodawgs: Who chooses which component the opponent will lose?
-Plowie/Dozer: What exactly does this card do?
-SI: When can a gearbox card be played to prevent missing a turn? As the attack resolves? During the opponent’s next turn? If it can be played during the opponent’s next turn, what happens if that players declares that they can play a gearbox and fails to play a gearbox?
-Stingray: Can you divide this transferred HP any way you choose? Are you considered to have taken “damage” for regeneration purposes after transferring HP this way?
-Safety Goggles: Does this only apply to one target robot and does it still apply if the robot retreats and comes back into play?
-Swag: If you flip heads on the next turn do you get the opportunity to continuously “try one more time next turn”?
-Ramferno, SWAT: What happens if you cannot replace your component when you would have to?
-Takeout/delivery: What does it mean to “generate” HP?