FRC Team #1208 Google Code Repository

Here is FRC Team #1208 “The Metool Brigade” 's code repository on Google Code:

There are (currently) 3 main folders: one for our 2011 Competition Robot, one for our 2011 Practice Robot and one for a Parade Robot we built. Each folder contains a lot of information about each robot, but a majority of it is the program running on each (Labview) so that is why this thread is located here. The code all works correctly (with a few bugs) so please use at your discretion.

Also, for our Practice Robot we used a heavily modified Autonomous Script program thanks to Chris Hibner and this CD Paper:
along with a Autonomous Recording function that we developed.

If anyone has any questions/comments let me know. Hope that it can help somebody out.

(Note: It is currently uploading via my phone so it may take some time before everything is up.)