FRC Team 1403 Cougar Robotics: 2024 Robot Reveal (World Champs)

WATCH HERE! → Team 1403: 2024 Robot Re-reveal!


  • 29” x 30” chassis (without bumpers)
  • 112 lb without battery and bumpers
  • No Pneumatics - 14 Neos & 2 Falcons


  • The shoulder system is powered by 2 NEOs with a 27:1 MAXPlanetary gearbox reduction and a 6:1 net reduction on either side of the shoulder. The shoulder also provides a base for the Raspberry Pi 5 Global Shutter for Pathfinder and a USB-C Camera for note visibility for the driver’s station. Connected to the shoulder, the arm’s pivot position and wrist’s pivot position are both able to rotate independently, allowing for a wider range of angles to shoot at more precise positions, enabling us to score in both the speaker and amp.


  • The Intake-Shooter sub-assembly is stored within the bumper and consists of a horizontal intake and a horizontal shooter. The intake portion is composed of 2” compliant wheels spaced one inch apart and a NEO with a 3:1 reduction. On the other side of the subsystem, the shooter portion holds two Falcon 500s with a 4:3 reduction and 4” stealth wheels spaced one inch apart, producing quick shots.


  • This two-stage climber system has a custom double hook with an insert which has the ability to hang from either side of the hook. The climber subsystem connects to the drivetrain with custom mounts and extends 8.5”. In order to prevent the robot from dropping, the gearbox contains two NEOs with a MAXPlanetary reduction of 25:1 which will keep the climber engaged until ready to be removed.

We’re super excited and grateful to be competing at the World Championship again this year! See y’all in the Hopper Division!