FRC Team 1501's 2013 Robot

Introducing the newest robot in the T.H.R.U.S.T. arsenal…Spitfire

That’s one cool pick-up system.

Agreed. Does it only flip over discs which were overturned? How consistent is it?

Another year, another super-clean 1501 robot. I’ll be looking for this one!

It picks up both right side up and inverted with the same ease. EVERY TIME!

Good to see you have many rivets as ever. Really like the style in shooting frisbees up the elevator.

That’s absolutely a fantastic mechanism for orienting discs. Great job guys.

How exactly does it flip? It seems so simple that it will be reliable, but I just don’t get how it works.

Really digging the Blue Angels theme. Looks to be another strong performer from you guys. Good pick up and accurate shooter.

Why did you go with a hanger that does sort of a curl up? Looks like it was back-driving in the video.

We wanted to use the arms to touch the pyramid. Yes it is back driving, we are working on the pneumatic lock to correctly lock it when it gets to the up position.

The harvester had an welcome bonus that was somewhat unexpected.
When the frisbee is right side up, the tention from the belts flips it off at the bottom when it clears the upper roll bar.
When the disc is inverted, the upper belt rollers pushes the disc at the top and it lands right side up.
Easy peasy, lemon squeasy :smiley:

I noticed it looked like your prototype could shoot two discs at a time, but didn’t see that in the final bot. Is that still an option?

Not right now. It was sacrificed for weight :frowning: