FRC Team 16 Bomb Squad Reveal Video

Bomb Squad presents Stratofortress 2018:

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Edit: never seen a ramp like that nice

Edit2: also single 775 swerve?


Would you theoretically be able to lift 2 other bots, or is it strictly a 1 bot lift?

I love the bot… see y’all in a less than 2 weeks

In therory, maybe two tiny robots. It would probably take longer to coordinate than to just shove three cubes out the exchange though.

This robot looks incredibly underrated

Awesome. Looks like some super high torques on that ramp if it’s a simple rotation. What is powering that? I wish I could see it up close.


I’m pretty sure it’s 2 cylinders. You can see it at 1:13 or so

Looking good! Ramp looks familiar ;). Looking forward to Rock City.

90% sure it’s 2 DART actuators that are controlling the the elevator/ramp tilting. I’m also curious about the loading on those actuators - with a robot on the end of your ramp, that’s a huge moment on that joint. What kind of analysis did you guys do to validate that design?

Any chance we could get some close up pictures of your swerve modules?

Ha. Yeah. Y’all drill out 1X1 versa frame too?

Looks great! What do you use to control your LEDs?

I think you’re right. I didn’t see those initially.

This is correct. It’s 2 lightened DART actuators. You can see them up close at 1:38.

We tested it using our 2016 robot. We had to gear the 775s down 9:1 through a VP with a CIM output to keep the breakers from tripping.

That ramp is an awesome engineering feat.

The robot looks amazing I can’t wait to see it at Rock City Regional!!

Can’t wait to see you all at Midwest!!!