FRC Team 1640 Swerve Central

FRC 1640 has just consolidated their up-to-date swerve drive information on to a new page: Swerve Central.

CAD files and BOMs are posted here, as well as white papers and design considerations.

Hope this is helpful.

I looked up “helpful” in the dictionary and found this link.

I’m surprised you found anything constructive or positive on that site…

Shame on you, Team 1640! I should be studying for the AP Calc test tomorrow, but now my “study break” is probably gonna last all night…

So glad to see even MORE information on this, I absolutely love your drivetrain and consider it to be one of the best(if not, the best) in MAR.

Lol, looks like we’re in the same boat here…

I think calc BC wants a break from me anyways…:rolleyes:


Why did you guys opt for higrips instead of traction wheels? Weight?

Weight & cost. We’ve been working hard to reduce both.

Plus, we tested the friction coefficient of the HiGrips and were pretty impressed with them.

Way to go 1640! You took an already easy to use and valuable resource, and made it even better. Bravo!

I love your design! Why did you guys decide to go for a wheel holder that’s shaped like that instead of a more traditional one like 118?

From my guess I’d say it’d probably be to avoid the fork from bending. From what it looks they took a lot of material out of those forks which made it weaker. To counteract they connected the two forks together on the side and made the end more obtuse to decrease chances of bending while still losing weight.

I guess there was some confusion caused by my post, I was obviously referring to urban dictionary, not 1640s’s site.

It wasn’t obvious.

It was to keep things from bending, particularly under sideways loads. The threaded stud for a wheel axle also helps a lot there.

I understood. There was never any offence taken.

This is so cool!!! Some members of my team (including me and our 2013 team leader) spend our summertime CADing potential swerve modules, just trying to get one right. I am working on one modeled after yours, might post results when I am finished.