FRC Team 167 - 2013 Robot, "Samantha"

I’m pleased to present FRC team 167’s robot for the 2013 game, “Samantha”.

Drivetrain - 20" Andymark Nanotubes direct driving 8" VexPro Mecanum wheels, 4 CIMs
Shooter - 1 CIM driving a 6" Plastic traction wheel, angle is controlled by a window motor driving a lead screw
Climber - 2 3/8" thick lexan wedges for passive climbing with a small piston to stop us from swinging once on the bar
Hopper - 5 gallon bucket from Lowes :slight_smile:

We cut it pretty close this year but still got in some time at the end of this past weekend to practice and test out our systems, I’m pretty confident we’ll be able to get out on the field early Thursday at the regional. Here are the obligatory videos:
3 Frisbee high goal autonomous mode
Practice run of loading, shooting, and hanging
4/4 Full court shooting into the middle goal
2/4 Full court shooting into the high goal

We didn’t have room to setup a full field but the practice video shows some test runs we did with a mocked up feeder station. I’m extremely happy with how our robot came out; we were scoring 40+ points in less than 2 minutes pretty easily in practice, this is only the 2nd or 3rd time in my 10 years of FRC that I’ve worked on a robot that was operating that well before build season ended. For kicks we decided to test out full court shooting about 2 hours before we bagged the robot up and found we could hit the middle goal with 90%+ accuracy and the high goal with about 60% accuracy. I don’t think we’ll ever park and shoot from the feeder station as a strategy since our feeder is not placed to do so without moving, but it provides us with some extra options for strategy.

Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Milwaukee regional this year, should be a very tough competition!

Solid shooter you have there especially shooting full court.

1716 will see you at the Wisconsin Regional! There will be a crazy high level of competition this year - I think we may be talking one of the most competitive regionals this year when you look at all the Hall of Fame and World Champion teams attending.

This might be the best 10 point climb that i have seen yet.

It’s good to see rear loading the hopper is working for someone else too. Rear vs front loading has been of hot debate among our team.

Honestly we just put our loading ramp wherever it would fit with our hopper and shooter built as is, but it has been working pretty well for us. We load form the 62" slot and the drop of about 20" helps to make sure the frisbees seat in the bucket well. Before we were going to try “chucking” the frisbees through the 42" slot but one of the students was insistent on trying the 62" feeding and it works much better.

Last year was already really competitive as it was (I believe Milwaukee had one of the highest average OPRs for a regional), I expect this year to be just nuts with everyone in attendance.

Thanks for all the kinds words everyone, good luck this season!