FRC team 1690 Orbit 2022 robot reveal - “PARKER”

Incredible work!
Looking forward to meeting you guys and seeing this live in action at the Pregional :wink:


As is tradition, teams that build to the field spec rather than just the team versions get to come up with much more interesting climber designs.


Looking forward to seeing this at ISR1!


I love how it chucks opponent alliance cargo away from the goal! Are your drivers directing that shot, or is that an automated process based on the robots location on the field?


knowing what I know about 1690, I would guess that is all automated.


Close distance shots (up to about 4 meters/~12 feet) don’t tend to bounce out, from distances higher than that they do start bouncing out with the frequency rising the further the shot is - from either alliance walls I’d say its every 2-3 balls.

@kornblau or one of our software students would be able to give a full explanation, but the short answer is yes - the robot has a pretty good idea of where it is on the court based on the swerve telemetries and we have the ability to readjust it manually.

The number we were pushing for is about 420-450 degrees. once again @kornblau would be able to give a better answer, but I think currently on our practice robot it’s about 380-400 degrees tops (the competition robot’s turret has a longer wire and sleeve to allow those extra degrees).

The practice field is a new addition for this season (the place used to be a beach volleyball field that was basically never used since I finished highschool in 2011), the flooring is reinforced smoothed concrete with negative slopes on the peripherals (I don’t know the exact english terminology for those) to prevent water from getting in - the overall size is 13x23 meters (~75x42 feet).

The tent is a 20x12 meters (~65x40 feet) aluminum construction that is anchored to the concrete and is covered with thick tarp.

We are super excited and thankful for all of our sponsors and specifically our school network - ATID and the school itself for allowing this thing to come to life and supporting it both financially and logistically.

It’s fully automated - our driver (no ‘s’ there - since 2015 the only time we had two drivers was 2018) is pretty lazy and basically just has to pickup the balls and the rest is automated.


Really impressive! Well done.


Hah! That’s awesome.


May I ask how you all are managing your cables on the shooter to achieve the 400+ degrees of travel?


While being able to shoot on the move is amazing, The most impressive part for me is that climb. Going from 2 straight to the top is so cool, especially with how smooth your robot does it. There isn’t lots of swinging like I had expected. Fantastic job, I can’t wait to see how your team will do at competitions!


Can you talk about your thought process for only scoring blue balls?

By scoring only blue balls, you must be aiming to be on the 7 alliance, which always is blue. Assuming that you’re blue in 50% of the qualification matches, and assuming you win each match you’re blue and lose each one that you’re red, you’ll average 1 RP. Assuming you’re also 75% for the hangar bonus (since your partners may not always climb) and 25% on the cargo bonus (assuming you get it 50% of the time you’re blue), that would be a Ranking Score of 2. That probably ranks you above 7 and means you’d have to play as red at some point in eliminations. You may have to sandbag the quals.

Alternately, If you only scored red, you’d on average rank the same. However, you’d be a very attractive pick for the 1 seed, and then you’d always be red during eliminations. That seems like a safer route then hoping to seed 7.

…The problem of looking good in blue.


Minor correction: The #7 alliance is red in the semis. The #6 alliance is the alliance that’s always blue.


Good idea… We’ll switch to red, thx


Incredible work! l guess that your algorithm for your shooter is very complicated.


FYI, you don’t have to have the field spec elements to come up with this stuff. We had this Idea at the very start of the season and tested it using an improvised “truss” on the team version:

We later built the “actual” truss because we’re hosting a preseason competition later on this week


I enjoy seeing prototypes like this just as much as seeing the final thing. Very cool mock up and creative way to get the truss bar into your testing setup. Awesome stuff!



I would love to see more prototype images like this. It’s not only interesting, but gives a sense of the process behind making one of these amazing bots.


I’m seeing batteries used as counterweights…


Well, yeah. Y’all are smart and came up with that. Not throwing shade, just pointing out that the team versions alone kinda suck and unless you’re spending a lot of time in the CAD model of the field, or have an accurate climbing element built, you won’t notice that type of solution.

Exact same thing happened in 2010 and 2013


Yes… That’s roughly how its done