FRC Team 174's 2015 Software

Here is a link to FRC Team 174s software for the 2015 competition. We are really proud of what we were able to accomplish this year. You can read about some of them in the PDF included on our GitHub.
174 Github

Quick Description

Java simulator - Unobtrusive “simulator” that can be used with any teams java code. It sounds like we took a similar approach to what team 254 did

Custom SmartDashboard widgets - Custom widgets to show robot state, motion profiling state, and our autonomous editor

Autonomous Scripting - Command based autonomous scripts. Stored as text files on the robot, can be edited from the SmartDashboard

Motion Profiling - I had my students hand roll a simple version for straight paths. We also took team 254’s spline library as is.

In developing our software this year, we tried to have a more structured design process. We made a design notebook for our entire robot which will be released at a later date, including class diagrams and sequence diagram. We used the Agile methodology to develop our software, which worked quite well with the structure of a FIRST season and our constantly changing requirements

We owe a huge thanks to my friends on FRC558 for being our beta testing guinea pigs. They provided us with some helpful feedback, and said that our tools were very helpful for them during the season.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. We are hoping to get a lot of feedback to further improve ourselves for next year.

  • PJ

Great stuff PJ!

You know that 558 will always be happy to work with you guys!
I can’t tell you how much time and effort was saved by work through your simulators. As our software team can attest, this was a huge help!
This was our first year using Java on the machine as we had always used labview. Looking for a challenge, this year we decided to program the machine in both languages (designed for failure, learn new things, and just for fun). We split our programming team, and while our labview team was waiting for machine time our Java group was able to successfully use your simiulators to test.

Great work, we will be happy to work with you again!


As a teacher advisor for the Arctic Warriors, I have been amazed at what the students have been able to accomplish this year. There were so many new challenges and pursuits that our students took head on.

The 2015 programming team also created a Project Notebook (Link Below) from the season that outlines some of the things shown on GitHub.


Thank you for posting. This is a very good reference.

If I might add one small suggestion. It might help for later (or external) review to include a diagram of the robot with annotations to the various subsystems.

Thanks again.

Thanks for the feedback! Just added a couple pictures with a quick and short description.