FRC Team 1939's 2016 Code Release

Most of this code has been available publicly for awhile, but I would like to bring it to everyone’s attention.

Robot Code Java
Our robot code improved upon last year’s with improved use of PID loops. In autonomous two PID loops controlled the drivetrain to drive a precise distance and maintain direction. In teleop, a PID loop moved the arm without it destroying itself.

Neopixels Arduino
The robot code uses digital outputs to tell an onboard Arduino the current status of the robot. This code takes the digital inputs and displays the robot status in the LEDs.

Scouting System C#
Our scouting system was meant to be used by six people in the stands of an event. Each person has a controller connected to the computer and is assigned a robot in each match. They then enter data on their robot’s performance in the match. All data is then exported in CSV to be analyzed.

Defense Crunching Python
To simplify the Scouting System, crossings were recorded by the position not the type of defense. This program matches scouting data with data on defense positions to generate data on which defenses a robot crossed.