FRC Team 223 Xtreme Heat presents: Tyrion

• Geared for 6 and 14 fp/s with VEXPro ballshifters
• 6wd with 4 inch diameter, 1-1/2” thick traction wheels and 1/8” drop center
• Floor intake and feeder station intake
• Multiple disc autonomous(hopefully)
• Multiple autonomous routines
• Quick ten-point climb
• 2 CIM, lead screw powered “semi-utility arm” for shooter and climbing
• 2 MiniCIM, 2 wheel shooter, 6" Pneumatic Wheel & 1-3/4 " Colson wheel
• Adjustable shooter angle
• Shoot into pyramid goal
• Variable shooting speeds

See everyone at TCNJ, Bridgewater, and hopefully MAR Chamionship!

Steven, can you just link to the image elsewhere? It is quite large.

Also, nice name :wink:

Silly imgur. And thanks haha.

Wow, looks amazing as always Steve. Good luck this weekend, see you week 6. :smiley:

I’m really looking forward to seeing this robot at TCNJ. Team 223 works very hard and I can wait to see those efforts pay off. See you all at TCNJ!