FRC Team 2582 Pantherbots 2017 Robot

Here is our release video for our 2017 steamworks robot…Looking forward to seeing everyone at Lonestar Central this year.

I like it

I am glad a video has finally been posted.

I am proud work that the kids have put into this robot. I think they developed a sound strategy for this game and developed a fairly unique robot to accomplish the task.

We are iterating and tuning trying to get the gear intake a little quicker by competition. Still a lot of work to do in the next week. I look forward to seeing everyone at Lonestar Central.

Here are a few stats:

-Square layout AM14U3 Drive base modified to have an open intake.
4 Cim Drive
-Intake driven by 2 bag motors driving the rollers, actuated by pneumatics
-Passive gear hanging mechanism, positioned with pneumatics
-Velcro climber 2 Cim Drive geared for <4 second climb (It is throttled down quite a bit in the video)
-Zero ball hopper

Looking good! Looking forward to see it at Lone Star Central.

Nice machine work! See you at LSR Central next week.