FRC team 2950 in the news.

The devastators can finally say that we have been on TV. :smiley:
Near the end of the July we were invited to the Noticias a talk show in the city of Waco. We took up this offer and took our robot on TV. Sadly we didn’t get to drive it a round but we got to talk about FIRST. Now this was our first interview or TV anything. So we were nervous at least I was. (Im Safiq) So what do you guys think. Do you guys have any tips for us. If so we would love to here them.

“Raising the standard, raising the bar”
However, you called CMP “Nationals”- that’s the only thing.
Otherwise, awesome job!

That was an amazing interview. Both of you were well versed and comfortable discussing FRC and the interviewer was genuinely impressed. I hope it gets some coverage in Waco and you see some additional sponsorship and maybe more team members. Good Luck!

Sorry forgot to mention that this video starts at 17:45

and thank-you to all who replied and complemented us.