FRC Team 2992 - 2019 Robot 'Starlord'

Team 2992, The S.S. Prometheus, is proud to share a small teaser of our 2019 robot, Starlord. A reveal video will follow soon, but here’s a clip of our level 3 HAB climb for now.


Looks good. Looking forward to seeing it person and meeting your team in Little Rock.

Looks solid like all your recent robots! See you at Rock City and Bayou!


Love how cleanly you guys executed the climb! Does it slide forward to get your drive wheels on just through gravity?

Those back ‘stilts’ have wheels that are sitting on one-way bearings. Because the robot’s CG is tilted forward, the climb motors let it ‘yo-yo’ forward while the bearings prevent it from going back until the drivetrain can grip the platform. It’s all controlled by code.


This is a great idea. Good luck this year!


“Starlord, man; legendary outlaw…”

Awesome Bot, Great job!

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