FRC team 3055 2015 video

Here is our Robot “2 chains”

edit: At the point at which we shot this it didn’t have any hooks on the second side. The second of hooks is for picking up a stack of 6 totes with a container. The front side elevator is for quickly picking up 4 totes one after another.

Nice design and driver! You guys are lined up for those stacks.
What does the back elevator do? Just support?

Looks like the return line for the conveyer. Just one massive loop around the whole frame

I feel like it could be utilized, perhaps by adding a second sprocket somwhere…
If you have weight left over, you could try modifying to carry 2 stacks at once.

Looks GREAT Furious. See you at North Star.

Thanks you guys :smiley: The back elevator is for a second set of hooks. The point at which we shot this video we didn’t have these hooks on yet. The way we have it set up now is so the side you saw in the video is for picking 4 totes one right after another, the other side however has 6 hooks phased with the handles of the totes and allows us to move a stack of 6 totes with a container on top.

This is a pretty neat design. Is there any reason why you couldn’t speed up the elevator? If you did, you could build stacks pretty quickly.

The lift can’t go any faster because we didn’t have any other suitable gearboxes.