FRC team 3070 Pronto 2020 robot reveal - "The Millennium Falcon"

Introducing our 2020 robot named after the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy!

Our box hopper is capable of feeding from the human player station (up to 5 balls) and depositing all 5 into the lower port in about two seconds.

Our climber is a two staged lift with a detachable grappling hook (welded in house) attached to a winch powered by one mini cim attached to a versa planetary gearbox.

Our control panel manipulator is a bag motor attached to a versa planetary gearbox with
three two inch compliance wheels on the end. The mechanism is actuated via a pneumatic piston to lift up above the control panel and apply pressure down onto the panel.

Our drive train is a modified kit bot using two Vex 2 CIM Ball Shifter´s powered by Falcon 500 motors. The gearboxes drive only the back four wheels of the chassis leaving the front two free spinning.

I am planning on getting footage of our robot in action in the next day or two so stay tuned if you are interested in seeing such.

Pronto wishes the best of luck to all teams this season!


3647 would like to know your location…


Seattle, Washington


woo #teamLowGoal

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