FRC Team 3255 The SuperNURD's Robot Reveal

Here is FRC Team 3255’s 2020 robot reveal!


  • 4 Falcon 6wd WCD
  • Zip Tie intake
  • Variable hood shooter with turret 2.25" compression
  • Double Neo flywheel gearbox 1:1
  • Capable of storing 5 balls
  • Detachable hook climber
  • Double roller control panel mechanism
  • Quick cycle times

This robot competed well and brought us a victory at the 2020 Del Mar Regional!


Congrats on the regional win!

Robot question- what are you using for the climber motor/gearbox combo?

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I believe we used a bag motor with a 100:1 planetary gearbox to lift our hook for us to attach to the rung. Then we used a separate gearbox and string to actually lift our robot. This second gearbox used a Falcon 500 with a 16:1 reduction and had a ratchet attached.

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Here is a good picture of our robot.