FRC Team 3481

Bronc Botz Presents:
Admiral II

All that hard-work, sleepless night, driving practice and scouting godness…

Better late than never :smiley:

Great video ! 3481 and 3847 are two sophomore teams in a tight race on the road to powerhouse teams in Texas !

So far you guys look to be doing great in Archimedes, ranked #4 at the end of Thursday!

The DiscoBots look forward to playing the Bronc Botz a in Bot off at Robot Round-Up in Austin, Texas this year !

3487 is a sopohomore team that’s on its way to being powerhouse… in Indiana.:rolleyes:

I think you meant 3847.

I did ! I’m glad to see sophomore teams rising the ranks of FIRST in Texas, Indiana and around the country !

Thanks for the edit

Great job guys!

THANKS for the compliment, Andrew!

We’ll see you in Austin in July, hope to have our automated targeting perfected by then…

Man… after having the Championship experience we just had on Archimedes and looking at this video again, it CONFIRMS that in FIRST FRC you CAN set goals and achieve them no matter HOW lofty… AND that dreams can come true…

I wasn’t sure that we weren’t setting expectations too high given the breadth/depth of talent on Archimedes, but thought the exercise of hard and focused preparation would be good no matter what the outcome…

Who knew, EVEN a 2nd year team can “show” at CMPs… WOW. WHAT an experience… we want more… :wink:

Good job 3481!