FRC Team 3539 2020 Reveal: Mantis

The Byting Bulldogs are proud to present our 10th robot, Mantis


Is that an adjustable buddy climb?

Its not adjustable in anyway

Can we get some pics of the swerve? Robot looks sweet


Thank you. We currently don’t have any pictures of the swerve drive however the video does show the swerve modules.

YESSSSSSS!!! Beautiful robot! Have a fantastic season, so happy for you guys.

How much ground clearance are you expecting your partners to have to use your buddy climb?

If you can make it over the boundaries you can get in our buddy climb so at least 1 inch.

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idk if i’d be that bold with your statement. There were lots of teams that could cross the field and go up the ramps in 18 yet couldn’t get on teams forks and it was an easier line up in 18 than is will be this year.

The forks will sit in the lower portion of the rendezvous zone, so if you can make it over the outer boundary, you should be able to get “wrangled”.


I hope you’re right. Its an awesome robot! GL this year.

Beautiful robot! I would love to watch your districts live streams but my team is also competing week 1 and 4. Best of luck to your team!

I was told (may be completely wrong) that there’s an extra layer of Masonite and carpeting in the rendezvous point to protect the floors of gyms from falling robots, so it’s not completely the same as the 1 inch barrier.

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they look like SDS MK2


Just a small update…

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See you guys in Pittsburgh!

COTS, WCP swerve SS Falcon, with NEOs

Yessss #translatorclimbgang

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Here is a great video of our buddy climb in action… Right at the beginning of this match we were notified our 2nd robot was not going to move, it was not connected to the field…