FRC Team 3588 is looking for mentors

Hi everyone! We are Team 3588, The Talon.

We are currently looking for new mentors in the Greater Seattle Area to help out with all aspects of our team (specifically mechanical design/cad, electrical, business, and imagery). Over the pandemic, we lost connection with most of our mentors which resulted in a massive loss of knowledge. Currently, alongside our 3 advisors, we have one programming mentor who is our only mentor. We would love to bring in some new mentors to slowly help rebuild our program and provide a better experience for the team moving forward.

If you would like some insight into what being a mentor for our team is all about, here is an anecdote from our wonderful programming mentor, Mr. Olson:

“FIRST is not about the robot. It is also about effectively working together. During one of Talon’s qualification matches, the robot suddenly would only turn in one direction. When the robot returned to the pit, members of each of the subteams worked together to identify the problem. They requested and received assistance from another team. This expanded team effectively shared their perspectives to identify and correct the problem. Participating in the effective teamwork of Team 35588 continues to energize me to be a mentor for them.”

If you are in the PNW and are interested in mentoring us, please contact us at [email protected]. Mentors of all experience levels and any discipline or skill set would be more than welcome!


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