FRC Team 4130 looking for a Head Mentor and/or other Mentors for 2024

Team 4130 is in need a couple of mentors. There are a good number of dedicated parents and students. We are part of the Richmond High School in Richmond Michigan.

I have been a part of this team since 2018. I am stepping back as Head Mentor. I will stay around to help get the new Mentor acclimated to the team. I will continue to manage the finances through the school for the next season. I have a purchase card to make ordering easy. There is an account with separate funds for the team. Financial support has never been a problem with the team.

The team is also in need of a programming mentor. The team competed this season with out an adult to help with programming. The team currently programs in Java.

Feel free to reach out and ask questions if you know someone interested.


So that other people who are interested don’t have to check TBA, they appear to be part of FIM, about 45 minutes north of Detroit.



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