FRC Team 4639 Looking for Mentors for 2019 and Beyond

Once again following the CD trend, Team 4639 (the RoboSpartans) is looking for more mentors to join our team. After our best season so far, two of our main mentors leaving after this season and we are in need of more adult mentors to help us out. We are located in Katy, Texas, a little to the west of Houston. We work out of the Robert R. Shaw STEAM center in KatyISD. Most of our current mentors are design and mechanical folks, and we are looking into improving other aspects of our team as well.
We are looking for mentors to help in all areas, especially with:
• Programming
• Prototyping
• Electrical/ Pneumatics
• Business
• Chairman’s
• Any kind of Outreach

Qualifications Necessary:
• No FRC experience necessary
• Willing to help in any way
• Good sense of humor
• Able to attend meetings at least once or twice a week in the evenings
• Unlimited access to a full-sized field
• A student led team with decent performances in the past
• Team Workspace with drill presses, band saws, and most manual tools
• Ability to work with other industry professionals
• STEAM Center shared with other strong Katy teams (624, 5427)
• Access to plasma cutter and manual mill
• Texas has the best BBQ in the world
• Unlimited access to all sizes of zip ties, duct tape, hot glue, and string
• Our bay can also double as a storm shelter: we have enough snacks and food to ride out a hurricane
• Some decent* memes
What We Do:
• Desperately hope for finals appearances at Texas Regionals (Districts now)
• After this year, we can do more than just drive forward in auto
Original and unconventional designs
• Lots of community and elementary school outreach
• Partnership with iEducate USA

All in all, we are an up and coming team looking to improve upon our best performance yet this season. If you are interested in joining us, please contact me at [email protected] or PM me here on CD. We will do our best to respond to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

*Disclaimer: this video was staged, he didn’t actually get hit

A lot of great benefits here! I also feel a strange connection to the 2016 meme for some very odd reason. :slight_smile:

Working out of Katy center is almost reason enough to go.

I can confirm that the RSC is pretty nice,
We get a ton of use out of the full field and it’s cool to have 5 teams all working in the same building. There’s probably over 20 robots in the steam center on any given day.

The one video isn’t working btw