FRC Team 4930 Release video of Robot Kermit

I love that arm

This is my new favorite reveal video of the year.

Real talk. This might be my favourite release video of all time. Top 5 for sure. Hot and Fresh Out The Kitchen. Much love to the producers.

Reveal of the year! Nice job slipping in the 2 lift ability too.

Forget the arm and vid, can we talk about that electronics board drop down? I think I’m in love.

I’d like to take a minute to recognize that in addition to building a really cool robot (and practice robot), 4930 also opened up their meeting space all season for a rookie team, FRC6870. Not to hijack the thread too much, but 6870 started the season with literally nothing - just the kit of parts. Our first meeting was on kickoff and we only met on Saturdays. 4930 gave us a dedicated area of their shop, let us use their tools, take their spare parts and materials, eat their lunches, and pick the brains of mentors and students alike.

I’ve included a picture below from one of the last Saturday meetings of 6870’s build season. You can clearly see our robot in the foreground and a peek of 4930 in the background. HUGE thank you from everyone at 6870 to 4930 - I’ve been doing this for a long time and this was my favorite build season to date.

My thoughts as well. I am definitely bringing our electrical team by your pit at Pittsburgh, because that electronics board is amazing.

This is the greatest reveal video of all time.

I like this rendition of the video the best Dillan. Thanks for posting.

I just added some schematics for Kermit to the forums.


I hope it can help your teams with planning and layout.