FRC Team 494 - FPV from 2018 Kettering #2

This is the recorded video from our matches at Kettering, from the first person! The video is exactly what the driver sees during competition, we write a custom dashboard that allows for recording and playback of video of our matches.

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Wow, Very impressive. You have an amazing robot with equally amazing drivers!

What kind of camera do you use?

ours is much better

Widecam F100 with custom raspberry pi vision software.

Webcam supports 1080p, we only use 320x240 because of the field 7mbps limit :wink:

What kind of framerate do you actually get to the driver station at that resolution?

We get 30fps as that is the limit of the camera. It actually sends about 40-45 FPS but some don’t actually change because the camera hasn’t sent a new frame yet. We heavily encode it (JPEG) so that it fits in a single UDP packet (8000 bytes) which makes it very low latency. The quality is adaptive to that rate (the packet size is shown in top right in video, hovers around 7500).

So about 30 but we technically would get more with a 60fps usb camera

Are those encoding settings something you can do natively via the RoboRIO (editing preset values of the default camera robot code) or are you using some other kind of encoding processing?

(Disclaimer: I’m not one of my teams programmers) :rolleyes:

I’ve never tried doing it from the RoboRio, we use a raspberrypi, but I’m sure something very similar could be used since it is Linux. I don’t know how much flexibility the default camera software allows though.

Thanks a lot! I haven’t been the biggest fan of the camera my team uses so I’m definitely interested in other setups. I really dig the wide angle in the videos you posted because you get such a clear view of field, which is always important but especially this year with the need to find your next power cube.

Are these videos sped up at all?

Slightly, 20-30%, because the video records at 40-45 FPS and we are playing back at 55. The actual match is 2:30 and the videos are about 2:00

They were winners of Kettering #2 with 4003 and 7144.