FRC Team 7724 Robot Reveal 2019

Molokai High School Rookie Team 7724 proudly presents our 2019 Robot, “Manawa kūpono” (translates to “Opportunity”)!

This robot was made with basic tools (chop saw, hand drill), limited resources, and supplies. We had actually encountered a period of a week and a half where we were stuck waiting for parts orders to come in which definitely halted progress. However, we still finished ahead of build day and was even able to unveil it at our local STEM Fest!

The goal this season was to keep it very simple so we could spend more of our time learning the new systems/builds/drives rather than rushing to finish a robot at the last minute.

Our robot is able to:
-retrieve hatch panels from the loading station
-retrieve cargo from the loading station
-score hatches onto the cargo ship
-score cargo into the cargo ship
-park on the level 1 HAB
-play defense
We are looking to possibly score on the lowest levels of the rocket as well.

We thank our sponsors and we would also like to thank Team 118 for the release of their Everybot (we clearly used their hatch mechanism)!

We are open to any criticisms/tips/suggestions so please let us know what you think! Thanks for watching!


Awesome work, getting a robot complete in your first season, that is no easy task. Robot looks like it met all your goals and then some, best wishes this season. A cargo ship specialist like your robot is going to be needed on a lot of playoff alliances.


Beautifully simple and effective, good luck guys!!!


Thank you!

Congratulations on comming up with such an elegantly simple design! Best of luck at your competitions.

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Thank you!

Thank you, appreciate it!

Loving the robot, Good luck this year at competition!

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Fantastic robot, not just for a rookie, but for any team. With solid practice I have a feeling you will find success on the field!


Awesome! Great job keeping the mechanisms simple (KISS!).

‘Student driver’ - that’s funny.

Are you sure this is the first reveal video your team has made? : )

If you have any unbag time before your first competition (like we do in Michigan - brrr!), and want your robot slightly more maneuverable, swap the two front wheels (under the hatch panel mechanism) for omni-wheels; that makes a big difference. Watch out though, it will make you easier to push and reduce your defensive capability, so you have to set your priorities. Don’t forget to use two pool noodles so your bumpers meet the requirements!


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Thank you! We’re just glad autonomous is not required this season :rofl:

Thanks! For FRC, yes.

We will consider that, but strong defense is a goal since we know we will be really good at not having mechanisms extending out from our robot. We do however need to find a better controller than the Logitech that comes in the KoP - that thing is horrible!

And yes, we are building the bumpers separately before our regional event! Those were there just for safety as we showed off the robot at a public event.


Trust me, so are we! :slight_smile: As a fellow tiny team, I definitely understand the struggles. Feel free to reach out here as your season continues if you need help with anything. And if you don’t already know him, get to meet Glenn from 359

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Looks great!

With your decision not to chase balls along the floor this is the perfect implementation of the ideals that drove Everybot’s design.

Best of luck this season, I’ll be sure to watch y’all.

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Thank you! We are really grateful for your team’s Everybot.

And yes, we did notice that chasing balls on the field took up a lot of time so hopefully our cycle time will be decent.

Can’t wait for your team’s reveal!

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CONGRATS MAN! Not only is this good for a rookie team, but I feel like this deserves an extra congrats due to your location (I’m from team 2090, Punahou school). If I may ask, how difficult is shipping for you, and how has your season been going so far? looking forward playing with you guys at the Hawaii regional! If you ever need to cut custom parts or need help, let us know and we can help!

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Mahalo!! It’s definitely been difficult, as our orders were taking extra long to get to us (doesn’t that our post offices are short-staffed so sometimes packages got here and we couldn’t get them until the next day). We did lose some significant work time because of it, but thankfully we had planned for it and figured out what else we could do in the meantime. Other than that though, our season went pretty smoothly! In fact, I was getting a bit worried about how easy going it was going towards the end (we finished the build 4-5 days before bag day so my drivers could get some time in).
Looking forward to playing with you guys too and meeting everyone! Getting into this new world is exciting for myself and the kids! And thank you, we definitely might need that from here on out since no one here has a machine shop.


This is a great robot for your rookie year! A bot that can handle 12/20 of the hatches and 8/20 cargo will be a valuable asset for any alliance. If we get to be alliance captains this year, we’ll be looking for exactly something like this. Stable, consistent, effective.

You’ve got some time before your competition, and I would spend that time doing two things:

  1. Practicing driving (if you don’t have a practice robot, see if a nearby team has a previous year’s robot or a kit chassis they’ll let you drive). Having drivers that know their way around the field is huge. Good driving can make or break your competition performance.

  2. Watching events to see how other teams with similar robots perform. Some are going to do great, some are going to bomb. See what strategies are working, and what the fatal mistakes are.

And a side note: When the robot turns, it jitters a bit. That is because all six of your wheels have a lot of traction, and your front and back wheels are having to drag sideways across the carpet, which adds friction and causes some hard to control behavior. Lots of teams mitigate that by adding omni wheels to either the front, the back, or both. It makes a huge difference in how smoothly the robot drives. Getting some of those and swapping them out at competition is really easy and beneficial.

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Great robot

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