FRC Team 842: Lorenzo's Dream Unveil

Team 842 is proud to present our 2014 robot Lorenzo’s Dream.

This years robot is named after an alumni from the 2004 team that beat MIT in the MATE Competition.

good Job Serg, now what about that scouting program, huh?

It looks like your ‘secret weapon’ is working out :rolleyes: I admit I was a bit skeptical of the intake arms, but you guys have put a lot of time and sophistication into them since then!

I hope some teams with pneumatic launchers take note of your double-tap method of high shooting.

AWESOME! Hope we get drawn into the same division again so that we can play together. 842 rocks.

I hope we are too. You guys rock!

And I thought it was named after the movie:

Cool robot, I hope it bodes well for you in competition!

its this Lorenzo and yes there is a movie about him coming out in the fall Spare Parts (2015) - IMDb
here is more

there is a doc too

So you were not that far off…

You should know better than to skeptical of us now right? Just kidding, ot was fun figuring out new stuff about pneumatics!