FRC Team 88 Scouting Preview

Hello all I am one of two of TJ^2 head scouters!
We thought we would show everyone how we do our scouting for this FRC season. We first do everything on paper, and some on a tablet we walk around with. Then we enter all the data into a online database (Filemaker Pro). We have the database hosted on one of our computers at home so we can access it on multiple computers at the competition. We have imported some of the database into Excel to show off our scouting a bit.

We scout a few different criteria in matches.
Tubes scored
And we also scout the robots themselves.

After we have all this imported into the database, my counter part (other head scouter) has made a system so we have our own rankings on how we would pick teams, based on their match history. This rank is purely on what a teams robot is capable of doing, not on winning matches which can be biased by match scheduling luck. This ranking and our match history makes for very accurate data when selecting teams for an alliance.

Right now we are on a bus on our way to the championship. We are playing in the Newton division. Please feel free to find myself (ask for Muffinz in our pit) or our other head scouter (ask for Agamemnon in our pit).

Good Luck All

Here’s a link to our match scouting from Boston, exported into Excel.