FRC Team 973 - 2019 Robot Reveal

The world is a better place with your robot in it

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And here I thought RoCoMo was on our team now… :frowning_face:


That’s probably the fastest solo hab 3 climb I’ve seen so far.

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Have you seen

idk if I would count that cuz I can’t see their entire robot. Idk how much of their robot is on there and how much weight it has.

I like this new name for him.

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MoDiCo drinks from many cups.

Indeed I do but at the end of the road the kool-aid is blue.


OK, 76 points with 330 and 72 points with 2493 in practice matches.


Pretty solid for a practice match in a week 1 event, the lvl 3 climb looks very clean!

Awesome robot! All these practice matches today will give you an advantage this weekend. Such a solid climb, looking forward to see you play!

I’m not sure why more people arn’t talking about this robot. I’m always a fan of small robots, but this one has some really cool packaging and tricks to pull off it’s climb. Excellent work, sad I won’t get to check it out in person.


I would like to refer you to this post, which is the fastest one I’ve seen yet:

Post video of your first HAB3 climb attempt

But otherwise, I am looking forward to 973 perform!

That looks like it’s from HAB 2 to HAB 3, not HAB 1.


Ngl, I didn’t even notice that the first (or second, or third, or hundredth) time I watched that…

Still, impressive. Curious how long it will take them to go from Level 1 to Level 3 once they get their sequence down.

How about this climb?


  1. Thank you for Re-sharing the video of our climb.

  2. after some driver practice we are expecting our sequence faster.
    We are estimating 10-15 seconds for full HAB 1-2-3.

  3. This is the fastest recorded cycle, I believe. Also camera work wasn’t the greatest lol. sorry about that. The bot kinda lost it’s footing as well so lost a few seconds there


Several of the flip climbs are in the 2-4 second range with easy alignment. Like 346, 384, and 4026.

What drove the decision to only score at the first two levels? Did the cycle time for a solo rocket seem unrealistic? That decision obviously worked out for y’all. Congrats on the win, this is an awesome robot.


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