FRC Team Artemis 3083 - 1st Test Run :D
enjoy… :slight_smile:

Looks smooth, sorry about your music being immediately removed on the video.

Woah! This robot is gonna be a force for sure. And it seems very well driven, already.

Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

Wow, robot looks great (and I mean great!)!
and having fun playing in the street?

Is your robot able to floor-load?

Thanks!! And yes, it has that ability, though it wasn’t assembled when we took this video… Stay posted, the full version (+floor picking +deployment +minibot) will be up in no time!

about the street, well, it’s always fun to show off and tell more people about FIRST :slight_smile:

Looks like an excellent bot! I can’t wait to see it in action :):slight_smile:

It looks great! I can’t wait to see your team compete. I wish we could practice outside, I miss the sun. Good luck this season.

I saw a glimpse of red from the sun setting. The end is near!

you might miss the sun, but the cRIO wouldn’t agree… Nor does the DLINK, which overheats pretty fast… At least we can say our robot is hot :wink:

It looks great! what is the drive system?

Man, I wish we could run ours in the street during the build season! Sadly though, we never thought to make it able to cross country ski…

The cRIO is spec’d for -20 to 55 Celsius, but unless you lock it in a case, no water games.

Greg McKaskle

very good, but 1 problem, you cant pick up from the ground. :ahh:

Great job, though I think it takes all the fun out of it if you can drive it a week before ship, we have a base and an arm which will not be mated until tomorrow or Wednesday (fingers crossed), then let the chaos begin!

As I mentioned before, we do have a floor picking mechanism, it’s just not assembled yet- this video is just our first test run. We will upload a full video with all of our features as soon as we can.