FRC Team builds Power-Wheelchair for 2yo - Team 2987 Rogue Robotics

High school robotics students build power wheelchair for 2-year-old

Serious kudos to Team 2987 Rogue Robotics


Here is a video from CBS,

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Wow, that is seriously amazing! This is what FIRST does to people!

Great Job 2987!


Mad props to Rogue Robotics. You guys are a class act and were awesome to compete with at both of our events this year! This is one of the coolest stories I’ve heard about a FIRST Robotics team!

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Can’t find the videos about it anymore, but this reminds me of when 612 made a similar device back in 2006.

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Saw this on the local news here in Atascadero, 973 Greybot territory. That is the coolest wheelchair ever! Well done! :clap::clap::blush:

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We just completed 4 cars for a build at the ITEEA conference. We’ve done several of the Wild Things over the years and were curious if you had seen or used our Instructable on the topic.

We started working with GoBabyGo in 2015 and have done 57 cars since. You guys did a great job and made some really nice mods to the Wild Thing. Congrats on getting so much press attention as well!

For anyone that is interested in GoBabyGo, you should check out It is an online forum we created to help connect teams, families, universities, etc. and share info about GoBabyGo. It is basically the Chief Delphi of GoBabyGo.

Keep up the great work.

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So incredibly awesome what 2987 is doing!

Way to go Rogue Robotics!

Here is the link to the presentation at the White House:

Wonderfully inspirational! Congratulations to 2987 for going above and beyond!

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