FRC Team Capability Survey

I’m a member of Geekspace Gwinnett makerspace in the Atlanta area. I’m the director of Geekspace’s outreach program. We’re trying to improve our support of FRC teams through training for the next off season. We think it would useful to see how team behaviors correlate to success at competition. We hope this will allow us to focus on the training and skills most beneficial to teams.

We’ve prepared a survey on team behaviors during the 2018 Power Up season. We expect that, with enough results, we can make meaningful connections between team behaviors and success. The survey will be open until bag day, and I’ll post a survey summary before worlds.

I plan group 2018 team performance into four or five groups.One group will be for new teams or similarly-performing teams. And on the other end, one group will be for consistently exceptional teams. I’m expecting that overlaying the survey results on to the groups will show common behaviors required to perform at that group’s level.

Expect the survey to take 10-15 minutes to complete.

Survey link:


That is a very thorough survey, I would be interested in seeing the results after you compile them.

Yeah, the more we worked on the survey the more excited we got about seeing the results. How long did the survey take you to complete?

maybe 5-7 mins but I also wasn’t worried about making every answer perfect, I gave best estimates to some of the questions about how many students, etc. I didn’t sit and count exactly.

Yeah, we changed several questions from a specific number to a range so people wouldn’t get stuck choosing thinking “was it 7 or 8?”

Completed. Took about 5-7 minutes–same as Allen. I look forward to seeing the results!

Good questions.

Interesting survey, I’d also like to see the results.
One note - we had 0 students with FTC/VRC experience, and that was not an option. So I left it as -choose-

Thanks, I’ll note that. I’m nervous about fixing it, since last night before I posted, when I tweaked things it messed up some test submissions.

Thanks, this was good stuff.

I feel like I won an Oscar :smiley:

Nice survey. I’ve been working on something similar, but with all the ones I keep seeing posted here I’ve wondered if people will get tired of them and stop responding if I were to post it. =/

Please do post the results when you’re done (even if it means you have to redact the team numbers). :wink:

I really like the survey. For the FTC/VEX question, since none wasn’t an option, I put 1. I didn’t know you could leave it as “Choose” was option. I hope that doesn’t mess up anything.

It took me the same time as the others, 5-7 minutes. I’m curious to what the results are as well.

I’ve save the current responses, and I’ve added a None option the VEX/FTC question at the end of the list. I figured this might be the safest way to change the answer, but not shuffle list.

Nice survey, I’m eager to see the results.

Great work here. I hope you get many responses.

Nice survey. Also needed a none for FTC/Vex experience, left it unanswered.

We have a lot of multi-function mentors which makes it look like we have no electrical mentors when in practice our design mentors and half our programming mentors also cover electrical as needed. Also everyone’s a design mentor for the first two days.

Good survey. I’ve filled it out for us, and I too hope to get a chance to see the results (team-anonymized or not–either way).

Nice Survey. I was waiting for a question related to event finishes as that seems like a valuable item to consider when looking at all the other questions.

I’m going to pulling event data from the blue alliance.