FRC Team E.L.I.T.E. 48 2023 Robot Reveal

Team E.L.I.T.E. 48 is proud to present our 2023 robot: xtrēmachēn 26!

We’re very proud of what we’ve built and are excited about it’s potential. This season we’ll be competing at the Midwest, Buckeye, and Greater Pittsburgh Regionals.

Here are some additional graphics and pictures of the robot. Feel free to ask any questions!


Here’s a sneak peak of an autonomous mode we’re working on.
Autonomous Mode


Do you have more detailed photos of that wrist :eyes:


Awesome looking robot! See you guys in Pittsburgh :slight_smile:


Here’s what I’ve got in screenshots, if you want any more information let me know. We will certainly be posting CAD here in a few weeks after we clean it up a little and finalize some things.


Super clean wrist design! Nicely done!


As always, a phenomenal robot by 48. Simplicity in design! See you guys at Greater Pittsburgh!


Wow, that is a clean looking robot!
Couple questions on the gearbox for the arm, I’m assuming the gears on the output are 3d printed, what material did you use? Are you using any inserts for the interface to the hex shaft? Has it been holding up well in practice?
Thanks in advance! Good luck in your competitions!


We are using Markforged Onyx and reinforcing the hex where applicable with a few shells of continuous carbon fiber.

We used a similar method last year with our turret and climber gears with good success. The only time the output stage of our climber gears broke was due to jamming, they never blinked or even showed much wear under normal loading all season and offseason.

We don’t have much practice under our belt this year but we are hoping to run it through its paces on practice day here at the Midwest regional. We’ll keep you posted on wear and failures if there are any.

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Our alliance (many thanks to 379 for picking us and for 2013 for bringing it as a 2nd pick) ended up in 3rd place out of the 8th seed position. I’ll take that result as a first go-around.

Our final match at Midwest probably shows best the state of our current capabilities.

We had a lead throughout the majority of this match, and it took an unfortunate mechanical failure from one of our partner bots and resultant aftermath to knock us out.

I was very encouraged by the improvement in our robot and drive team’s gameplay in the elimination rounds. I look forward to 2.5 weeks of practice and robot/code improvements ahead of Buckeye Week 5.

We shortly will implement the code upgrade needed for the arm to perform all game piece acquisition and scoring functions in either direction. We also will ramp up the swerve max speed now that our drive team has shown they can handle it. Combined, these would unlock quite a bit more speed and capability for the bot. We also have other robot improvements in store. Hopefully, we can be more of a factor in qualifying at Buckeye as a result.


We now have some high quality fieldside videos posted, centered mainly on the 48 robot. Watch the flippy wrist go. Zero wear on the printed Onyx herringbone wrist gears, by the way. We didn’t expect much, if any, for this application.

Q81 - 2023 Midwest Regional Quals 81 Field Side - 48 View - YouTube

DE M1 - 2023 Midwest Regional DE Match 1 Field Side - 48 View - YouTube

DE M5 - 2023 Midwest Regional DE Match 5 Field Side - 48 View - YouTube

DE M10 -

DE M12 - 2023 Midwest Regional DE Match 12 Field Side - 48 View - YouTube

DE M13 - 2023 Midwest Regional DE Match 13 Field Side - 48 View - YouTube

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Posted if only for the cool sounds…

Now for m0ar speeeeeeeeeed.

More to come over the next few weeks.