FRC team Evanston

Recently, my family decide to move to Evanston. Anyone know if there are any FRC teams in that place?



they appear to be the closest
if you care about joining a team thats already doing somewhat well

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Do you know which school you will be attending? Do you have a choice of schools?

There’s local FTC teams, but no local FRC teams.

I think New Trier.

Somehow after all these years, there is not a team in Evanston. Like some have mentioned above, there are some teams in the surrounding neighborhoods; most around there are through schools/school districts so you would need to talk with those teams about if you are able to join.

EDIT: Just saw you said New Trier, which is in Winnetka. They also do not have an FRC team.

I talk to most of the teams in Chicago and the surrounding area, so let me know if you have more interest in a specific team or possibly want to start a team at your school and I can advise from there.


You would be tantalizingly close to Wildstang and Plus One, but I think they are limited to those in high school district 214. If you expect to be going to New Trier, you are probably in district 203.

Yes, unfortunately you have to be in D214 or I think homeschooled in the area. Not sure how the homeschooling works, though.

Unfortunately, the northern suburbs as a whole are very underpopulated for FRC teams. The north shore only has two teams, 9669 Regina Riveters (Wilmette, Regina Dominican High) and 3734 StarBots (Lake Forest Academy). Even with adding in the northwest suburbs the program count only goes up to 5, with the Wildstang Program (Arlington Heights, District 214), 2358 Bearbotics (Lake Zurich High School), and 8029 Steel Broncos (Barrington High School…kind of, it’s complicated) joining the list. I looked around those teams and various city and close-in west suburban teams, and it looks like the closest team to you that I know is at least willing to consider out-of-district students is Steel Broncos. I don’t know whether you know Chicago suburbs yet, but if not, Barrington is about 30 miles from downtown directly northwest of the city and is, without traffic, a roughly hourlong drive from Evanston. If you can’t find their contact info, I should be able to get it if you’d like it (a friend of mine was one of their founding members), so I’ll leave it up to you whether that commute would be worth it.

As an aside, I don’t know the city of Chicago FRC scene all that well, so it’s possible there’s some closer school team open to taking out-of-school students that I just don’t know about

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Hey! I live on the north side of chicago fairly close to evanston, so your best bet would probably be 8122 (taft) or 4645 (lane tech). If you’re not going to either of those schools i’m not sure about their stance on having out of school students on the team however.